Be the smartest person in the room, without being in the room.

Lead your organisation into the new era of analytics and redefine your approach to propel revenue, reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies.


Here's What We Can Do

Suspicious Object Detection

Protect your people and customers by being a step ahead of the criminals.

Warehouse Intelligence

Ensure your people are always vigilant and alert while on the job and that the space they're in is safe for them to operate.

Door Access MFA

Verify the identity of people accessing your space in an efficient and seamless manner.


And Some More...

Demographic & Emotional Profiling

Drill down into the demographic of your customer. Identify gender, age and

emotional state.

Capacity Counting & Dwell Time

Find out exactly how many people are in a room, space or building at any given time or over a historical period. And find out how long they spend there.

Journey Analysis

Get a deeper insight into the journeys people take so you can start to understand why they take them.

Powered by Meraki

Smart Sensors

Meraki is the physical hardware and foundation used to pull analytics. Meraki's focus on innovation and cutting edge technology makes them the ideal partner for IMATIK Intelligence.


Every great design session should develop a clear understanding of what you want to achieve today, your future vision and the potential of the technologies available. We incorporate this into our strategy from the beginning. 

Smart Office

We have a unique focus on a powerful basket of Cisco's cloud-based solutions. 

We live and breath Meraki, we've devoted ourselves to Webex and we're obsessed with Cisco's Cloud Security portfolio.


We objectively review your brand’s impact within your industry, provide feedback on your business performance and suggest improvements & opportunities for development.

Back by Word-Class


Our team and network of developers have designed a series of unique and simple to use dashboard/widgets allowing us to build and push insightful analytics to our customers. Our cloud first approach supports our agility and delivery.

Single Pane of Glass

IMATIK Intelligence is not a product or service. It's a journey. From concept, to install, delivery and continued development. We are your intelligent partner.

Intelligence Consultation

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