Are you a growing business? You need IMATIK.

We love working with growing business and scaling startups - the buzz, the tenacious founders and the energetic drive of the team. It’s unique, it’s cool and it’s what we know.

Plus, they’re never seem to be too far from a good craft beer house...

Why IMATIK in this space?

Instead of providing any old IT solution in an environment that’s fast paced, ever changing and scaling rapidly, we built a proposition that empowers growth. Our solutions support scale and remove the challenges of a typical IT architecture.

Not only have we rendered our solutions and services to this space, but our business model too. Our agility allows us to turn requests around 40X faster than the industry average, we’re more competitive due to our lean approach and we provide the proactive support that scaling organisations require.

If that’s not enough to tide you over, our one-minute video can tell you the rest…

Whether it’s over a cold one, a warm one or a Webex call; we’d love to chat. AND because we like to go the extra mile, if you haven’t had any free kit or solutions from IMATIK or our partners, we should be able to give you some gear, for free!

Just hit the contact us button and ask!

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