Webex can do it all.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

"Four! FOUR!"

No.... we were not at The Open.

That was IMATIK's techie after a meeting with one of our customer who operates FOUR different collaboration solutions. That’s not including email, or shadow IT.

Our customer was using Webex Meetings for Audio/Video Conferencing, Skype for Messaging, Ring Central for their hosted UC and Polycom endpoints. All great solutions in their own right, but really? Managing all of that, using all of that - personally it would drive me crazy!

What they didn’t realise is that Webex could literally do it all. It would save them a fortune in management, improve productivity and inject a burst of innovative energy into the company.

Let's break it down;

Webex Teams provides instant messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, instant video and so many more fantastic features.

Webex Calling offers a complete hosted UC solution that integrates with Webex Meetings, Teams and so much more!

Webex Endpoints provide the interactive visual, video and audio experience in a seamlessly attractive fashion.

Webex Meetings is world renowned for its quality and continued innovation in the voice and video conferencing space.

Granted, a very high level overview but to add some gravitas...

Last year Cisco spent £4.8bn on R&D and a good proportion of that was around the Cisco Collaboration stack, this is not even accounting for the multiple acquisitions that have added huge value to the proposition!

If you're serious about collaboration, Cisco Webex should be on your agenda, and if you’re is a similar position with multiple solutions that don’t talk to each over, engage IMATIK.

We'll take you for an immersive, hands on, end-to-end Webex experience in Cisco's Fishbowl demonstration suite.

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