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Why Umbrella?

Intelligent Proxy

Instead of proxying all web traffic, Umbrella routes requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection. Effectively protect without delay or performance impact.

DNS & IP Layer Enforcement.

Umbrella uses DNS to stop threats over all ports and protocols — even direct-to-IP connections. Stop malware before it reaches your endpoints or network.

Command & Control Callback Blocking.

Even if devices become infected in other ways, Umbrella prevents connections to attacker’s servers. Stop data exfiltration and execution of ransomware encryption.

20,000+ organizations (and counting)

Umbrella delivers a fast, secure, and reliable internet experience to 20,000+ organizations. The internet’s infrastructure is leveraged to block malicious and unwanted domains, IP addresses, and cloud applications before a connection is ever established.

Cisco SecureX

Cisco SecureX is included with Umbrella deployments to provide broader visibility and automate response actions. Data integration across Cisco security solutions and third-party tools enables a single aggregated view of what’s happening in your environment.

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