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Our business is built by people that are crazy passionate about Wireless. Since our launch, we've worked with hundreds of brands to design, implement and manage their Wi-Fi solutions.

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Trusted by awesome brands.

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About Us


Unbeatable Quotes

Our pricing is fiercely competitive. Receive a non-obligatory quote within 20 minutes.


Ekahau Suite

Ekahau streamlines Wi-Fi surveys, ensuring optimal coverage, reliability, and performance in environments.


Wi-Fi Legends

Reliable, secure, and efficient networks crafted by accredited wireless surveyors empower seamless connectivity.


30+ Years Knowledge

With 30 years of unparalleled Wi-Fi wisdom, we're essentially the Gandalfs of connectivity expertise and wizardry.


1000+ Clients

We've earned trust with 1,000+ clients, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi experiences through expert wireless surveying and solutions.


National Coverage

Our wireless surveys ensure connectivity for clients across the country. Unmatched service everywhere.

Case Study


London, The O2

London, The O2

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What We Do

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Wi-Fi Design

A well-crafted Wi-Fi survey is essential, ensuring seamless connectivity, optimal performance, and a robust network foundation for diverse digital demands.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi surveys are crucial for diagnosing and resolving issues, ensuring a seamless, reliable, and frustration-free experience at all times.

Wi-Fi Validation

Wi-Fi surveys post-installation ensures optimal performance, identifies potential issues, and guarantees a stable network for consistent connectivity.

Instant & Free Wi-Fi Advice?

Free Advice available (not on relationships, just Wireless)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be an additional cost?
    No. This will not cost our customers anything. It's fully funded through Imatik.
  • What do we mean by offsetting carbon emissions?
    It means that for any carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of delivery and packaging, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount.
  • Do you need anything from me to start the process?
    No. This is a completley automated process that requires no manual intervention. You just need to sit back and pat yourself on the back for doing something good.
  • How does it work?
    We fund verified emission reduction projects through our approved partners. These investments support environmental projects, such as protecting forests that improve air quality and absorb carbon, sponsoring wind and solar farms that generate clean energy and replace fossil fuels, and developing greener methods for producing auto parts.
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