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AXIA Origin

Alleviating security concerns in a mobile-centric environment.

The IMATIK team go above and beyond, working rapidly and responsively to our needs.

About AXIA

In 2017, a diverse group of people from both the consulting world and from industry came together to work on a consulting project. The experience was so joyous and momentous that it was a collective career highlight.

In the months concluding this assignment, we reflected together on what made this experience so positive, and so different to conventional consulting. We agreed that it came down to a few crucial elements:


1. A common set of values which drives uninhibited collaboration

2. A passion for solving important problems by asking the right questions

3. An approach to data analytics which is people-centred


We created AxiaOrigin to offer the same experience to organisations around the world. As a group of value-driven colleagues, we have turned our backs on the tired conventions of the management consulting industry to pursue truth: informing through data and analytics, and driven by our values, we collaborate with business leaders to support a more prosperous and resilient future.

The Challenge

We have a company that is spread across different offices in different cities, and members of our team will often be working from home or visiting client sites. Our company also deals with confidential and sensitive data sources, with each person in the company using both a laptop and phone in the daily course of their work. Our challenge was ensuring that all devices were:


1. Working smoothly

2. Secure at all times

3. Compliant with company policies and security provisions

The Solution

Meraki’s Systems Manager allows us to ensure our device security has not been breached and that all security and data-related policies are enforced and running on all devices. We are also able to troubleshoot and problem-solve any technical device issues centrally and remotely, an essential feature for our company given the geographic spread of our team. The fact that is all do-able through a single, simple and central system for all our devices (laptops and phones) and across different operating systems is critical to the smooth and safe running of our company operations.


How has IMATIK been a useful Cisco partner?

The IMATIK team go above and beyond, working rapidly and responsively to our needs whilst always helping us to explore new developments to how we think about our company systems and processes. They are a trusted partner who have built a relationship with us beyond that of a supplier, and we thoroughly recommend working with them.

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