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Case Studies

Stories of our client projects.

The World's First Football & Dining Experience

TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive football and dining experience, combining immersive gaming and world class food and drink.

The Intelligent Meraki Stack

Hoyle Bottom produces the highest quality liquids to delight both the casual drinker and the seasoned connoisseur. Founded on the site of Hoyle Bottom Mill, the name holds...


A Smarter CCTV Solution with Meraki MV

QBS is Europe’s leading software delivery platform. Founded in 1987 – QBS delivers software from over 9000 software publishers to over 240,000 enterprises…

The Cisco Secure Endpoint Solution

Digital Surgery, founded by surgeons for surgeons and health professionals, is a health tech company shaping the future of surgery through the convergence…


A Simple Way to Secure and Manage Endpoints with Meraki MDM

In 2017, a diverse group of people from both the consulting world came together to work on a consulting project...


Meraki Wireless, Simple and Effective

Founded in 1944, ESI delivers world-class systems expertise, spanning the globe with operations from the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim. Leveraging over 40 years…


Future-proofing with the Meraki Full Stack

Bayswood group have been providing exceptional care for over 25 years. With locations in the North West of England and the East Midlands...

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