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Bayswood Care Group

Future-proofing with the Meraki Full Stack

Engaging with Meraki & Imatik was the best decision we could of made.

About Bayswood Care

For over 25 years, our aim at Bayswood Care has been to provide a genuine home for our residents. We work alongside our residents’ families and our extraordinary staff members to ensure a safe and happy environment. As a family-run care provider with an ever-growing portfolio of Care Homes in the North West of England and the East Midlands, Bayswood Care Group delivers a holistic approach to care. 

The Engagement

Our goal was to future-proof our technology stack as much as practically possible and Meraki was the leapfrog we needed. We began the journey with a Meraki trial which was accompanied with a technical team that offered flawless assistance in aiding our understanding of the technology.


In addition to this we were provided with an aligned Account Manager that was not trying to just simply 'flog' us the product. It was clear that they had our best interests in-mind, which is often a rare experience when dealing with vendors.


IMATIK later entered the equation with a seamless on-boarding experience and multiple offerings to ease the burden of the up-front cost. The combination of Meraki & IMATIK were a lethal duo that I'd love to work with again in the future. 

What's next for Bayswood Care?

Now we've had the opportunity to put Meraki through it's paces, we're keen to explore the wider portfolio as well as implement Meraki throughout our other sites. The ultimate vision is to manage all of our networks through a single pane of glass, enabling us to do what we do best - providing our residents with exceptional care.

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