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Electro Scientific Industries, inc.

Smart, cloud-managed IT solutions that made life simpler for ESI.

Meraki Wireless.

IMATIK coordinated a seamless project in a difficult environment and managed to make the end result look effortless.

About ESI

Founded in 1944, ESI delivers world-class systems expertise, spanning the globe with operations from the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim. Leveraging over 40 years of laser-material interaction expertise and applied laser technology, ESI solutions enable customers to optimize production by providing more control, greater application flexibility and more precise processing of a wide range of materials.


The ESI portfolio consists of laser-based micro-manufacturing systems and component test systems that are used worldwide by manufacturers in the electronics industry to process the materials and components that are an integral part of the electronic devices and systems in use today.


The Project

Our UK office did not have a fit for purpose wireless solution; this was partially due to our IT operations being managed from America. As a result, we needed a solution that could be remotely configured, managed and troubleshot. Meraki became the ideal fit for our use-cases, and we were soon referred to IMATIK to support our end-to-end office wireless refresh. IMATIK dealt with the procurement and subsequently installed and cabled the solution for us. While on-site IMATIK’s engineer also upgraded our core switch and coordinated with the US team to migrate of some of our core infrastructure to newer Cisco equipment. The Wireless has been working well ever since and we now have coverage throughout both floors.


How has IMATIK been a useful partner?

IMATIK coordinated a seamless project in a difficult, non-standard environment and managed to make the end result look effortless.  We are delighted with our new wireless strength and coverage and look forward to partnering with IMATIK on all future projects. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IMATIK to any business needing technical support.

We loved the work you did and I thoroughly enjoyed having you both on-site!

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Discover the power of the simple,

effective cloud-managed wireless.

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