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Hoyle Bottom Spirits

Leveraging a Meraki network to set the foundation for tomorrow.

After spending 8 years in IT, it must be said how refreshing working with IMATIK has been.

About HBS

Founded on the site of Hoyle Bottom Mill, the name holds significant status locally as being one of the earliest constructed mills and was in continuous operation for over 150 years. In its early days, before the dawn of the steam engine, the mill was powered by a magnificent 30ft waterwheel. The water that turned the wheel was none other than Tinker Brook.

Hoyle Bottom Spirits Ltd have chosen to bring this legacy back to life by not only naming a Gin after Tinker Brook, but also by using the water in the crafting of the gin itself.

The Project

Customers rely on Hoyle Bottom for an unforgettable experience, from the first drop to the last. In turn, Hoyle Bottom trust Meraki's Full Stack to reduce the complexity of networking so they can focus on what they do best.

What's Next for Hoyle Bottom Spirits?

With Jamie's vision of blending what he learnt in his years in IT with his true passion for distillery ownership, the possibilities are endless. In the immediate future, IMATIK will be supporting HBS Ltd with intelligent stock management and automated cyber security solutions with the use of Meraki Wireless and Cisco SecureX.

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