Co-founded by two brothers with a passion for, innovation and customer excellence.

It's just the beginning

We are driving a shift towards a new breed of technology partner. Since our launch, we have worked with over 100+ brands to implement their Cisco strategy and support their dynamic workspace objectives.


Cisco. Meraki. Project Delivery. Wireless Surveys. Network Assessment. Network Design. Cabling. Proof of Concepts. Cyber Security. Gap Analysis. Attack Vector Evaluation. Intelligence. Smart Spaces. Workspace Automation. Professional Services. Support Services. Maintenance. Renewals. Innovation Workshops.

Behind the scenes

From standing on London Bridge to customer comedy nights, we love doing things outside of the box. As part of our core values we champion innovation, integrity and agility.

The Old Way


Our Approach

Our business is uniquely structured so we can improve the service and delivery we provide to our customers.

Commission only Sales Team

Often resulting in mis-sold solutions

Bonused by Deployment & Adoption

Influencing heavy pre & post sales care

Jack of all, master of none

Prohibiting the ability to truly understand a solution

Specialist Cisco partner

Allowing us to understand every aspect of our business

Remote Working Culture

Helping to be more cost-effective

Expensive High-rise Rent

Increasing company overheads

Technically astute sales people

Allowing communication to flow during critical conversations

Dependence on technical pre-sales

Typically ending in miscommunication between departments

Hierarchical Approach

Prohibiting new ideas & innovation

Kaizen Approach

Appreciating all angles of our customer experience

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Learn how companies around the world use IMATIK to lead their organisation into the new era of technology.

Our Technologies

Our Expertise