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Enter the new era of office intelligence with Workspace, by IMATIK.

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Powered by Meraki

Workspace provides Meraki customers looking to drive enhancements to their space with a suite of ‘dynamic office’ capabilities and rich data sets.

Flexibility to integrate with multiple technologies

Extend the value that Workspace delivers by connecting Meraki Smart Cameras, Meraki Sensors, Messaging & Collaboration Platforms, MDMs, Captive Portals, Signage, Room Booking, Directories and more.

Workspace leverages the open-API’s of your existing Meraki Wireless and business applications; removing the need to change your network infrastructure by installing additional sensors.

Simple, zero-touch deployment

One platform, limitless use cases

Work with our team to define the use cases that suit your office intelligence and dynamic workspace needs.

Live Data

Real time intelligence at your fingertips

Location based status updates

Live occupancy and alerting

Important person notifications

Live location map

Historical Data

Better decisions with intelligent insights

Occupancy analysis

Footfall analysis

Space utilisation reporting

Co-creativity metrics

How it


Workspace adds value across multiple office scenarios. However, every business is different and there are hundreds of use cases that are currently unaccounted for and even more ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet!


While we continue to develop the Workspace platform, if you have an idea, we’d love to work alongside your team to understand your technology stack, requirements and business objectives. From there our developers will evaluate whether we can turn your idea a reality.

Reception directs new entrants to floor 5, front of house manager can just relax


Message is sent simultaneously to reception desk and to the front of house manager


Identifies a surge in users connected on floor 4, nearing maximum occupancy


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